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Worship helper

December 2023- Worship Helper Schedule

Sunday, December 03 Advent Begins

VPOD- Neil Spellerberg, John Long


Altar Guild- Marie Bennett, Sue Harrison, Lisa Bennett, Lee Brown


7:45 – Usher-Carmela and Paul Abajian

Acolyte, Lector, Chalice-Jacquie Olster



9:00- Greeter-VPOD




10:00-Usher-Ann and Ty Singleton

Greeter-Lynne Stanley, Janie Talbert , Jan Earley


Master Server-Marie Bennett

Lector-Barb Stacy

Chalice-Tracey Thomas, Lyn Snyder


Sunday, December 10   Morning Prayer   Lay leader-Ryan Saulsbury

VPOD-Ellen Edwards, Neil Spellerberg


Altar Guild-Bev Kimbell, Diane Russell, Mary Ruggio


7:45 –Usher- Ellen Edwards

Master Server-Laura Rowe


Lector-Jeff Miller

9:00- Greeter-VPOD




10:00-Usher-Kathy and Jack Benson

Greeter-Josie and Blair Zoll, Kay Hungerford


Crucifer-Scott Johnson

Lector-Nancy Mathews


Sunday,  December 17  Pageant   10:00 Only

VPOD-Bev Kimbell, Ellen Edwards


Altar Guild-Betsy Bullard, Laura Rowe, Kathy Benson, Tracey Thomas, Lynne Stanley


7:45-Usher- N/A

Master Server/Lector/Chalice-N/A









10:00-Usher-Tracey and Marc Thomas

Greeter-Mike Strite, Larry Biddle, Dee Saddler


Master Server-Keith Bullard


Chalice-Cathy Strite, Jacquie Olster


Greening of the church and supper Wednesday Dec. 20 @ 6:00


Sunday, December 24   Christmas Eve***2 Services***   4:00 PM and 8:00PM

VPOD- Mike Strite, Bev Kimbell


Altar Guild- Jeanne Browder, Jacquelyn Wiley, Dee Saddler, Carmela Abajian


4:00 PM-Usher- Kathy and Jack Benson

Greeters-Jan Earley, Sharon Sorrells


Master Server-Marie Bennett

                 Chalice-Marie Bennett, Jacquie Olster

Acolytes-Andrew and Matthew Saulsbury


Lector-Dee Saddler



8:00PM-Usher-Harieette and Joe Louis

Greeters-Deb and Neil Spellerberg


Master Server-Jennifer Bryan

                 Chalice-Barbara Dickens, Kay Hungerford

Acolytes-Blake and Andrew Bryan


Lector-Lee Brown


Sunday, December 31   Lessons and Carols   10:00 Only

VPOD- Ryan Saulsbury, Mike Strite


Altar Guild-Marie Bennett, Sue Harrison, Lee Brown, Lisa Bennett



Master Server/Lector/Chalice-N/A







10:00-Usher-Joe Ruggio, Pete Bourey

Greeter- Mollie and Jeff Fout


Master Server-Scott Johnson

            Chalice-Janie Talbert, Cathy Strite

Lessons- (1) Linda Bourey (2) Sammie Jordan (3) Jeff Miller (4) Mollie Fout (5) Ryan Saulsbury