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A Message from the Pastor:

Community. Deep down we all long to be in community — in community with God and in community with others. Community is where friendships are made, fun times are enjoyed, and fellowship is… more
faith time

Faith Time

Faith Time This is our version of Sunday School. Children receive age-appropriate instruction while parents begin worship. Kids then rejoin their families for Communion at the end of the worship… more

Fighting Demons — Authentic Youth Group

Fighting Demons — Authentic Youth Group Students are in a constant battle that can be crippling. In this study, students will learn spiritual weapons to recognize and fight demons to be victorious in… more
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Forgotten God, by Francis Chan

Francis Chan reminds us of the true source of the church's power—the Holy Spirit. Chan contends that we've ignored the Spirit for far too long, and that without Him, we operate in our own strength,… more
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Knowing, Loving, & Following Jesus, by Bob Mumford

Knowing, Loving, & Following Jesus, by Bob Mumford This study leads us into an understanding of why God desires mercy rather than sacrifice, how important security, identity, and belonging are to our… more
Healing Ministry

Level 1 of The School of Healing Prayer, by Christian Healing Ministries

Jesus gave the gift of healing and the authority to heal to His followers so that God is glorified and His people are healed. To teach the healing arts, we will study the curriculum prepared by… more
book of romans

Romans: The Letter that Changed the World, by Tommy Nelson

From Romans, we learn that God is holy and we are sinful. God cannot compromise His holiness to get us into heaven. So He sent His Son Jesus, the perfect God-man, to stand in our place. This video… more

The Armor of God, by Priscilla Shirer

The Armor of God, by Priscilla Shirer All day, every day, an invisible war rages around you — unseen, unheard, yet felt throughout every aspect of your life. A devoted, devilish enemy seeks to wreak… more
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The Book of Ephesians: A Study by J.D. Greear

The Book of Ephesians: A Study by J.D. Greear The Book of Ephesians is a survival manual—it equips believers to thrive in a world that hates the message of Jesus Christ. Pastor and author J.D. Greear… more

The Book of Romans

Romans - This spring Authentic students will have the opportunity to study and read each verse in the Book of Romans. We will dissect the major themes and how they are applicable for our life. Paul's… more
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The Minor Prophets

The study will look at the book of Habakkuk and then move on to Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. The focus is to investigate the historical setting of each book to see how it points to… more
Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Theme, by Tim Mackie

Part of "The Bible Project Series", Theme traces key biblical ideas and themes throughout the storyline of the entire Bible. Biblical themes to be studied include: The Image of God, Heaven & Earth,… more
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Walking with God in the Desert, by Ray Vander Laan

Are you going through a difficult period of life? The loss of a loved one? Unemployment? A crisis of faith? During those desert times, it's easy to think God has disappeared. Instead, discover that… more
Childrens ministry

Wednesday Night Friends Club

Children will be working through the God I Need to Talk to You About…series. This study deals with issues our children can struggle with or may face in their every-day lives. Topics will include:… more


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