July 2017- Worship Helper Schedule

(M) – Master Server   (J) – Junior Server   (T) – Torchbearer  

(PT) – Prayer Team  

Sunday, July 02  

VPOD- Angie Pharr, Jack Benson

Linens-Gloria Roof

Altar Guild-Nancy Mathews, Ann Boutcher,Bev Kimbell, Deb Bochnewich


7:45 – Deacon-Dawn Rider

Lector/Chalice-Kathy Hamilton


10:00-Deacon-Ann Boutcher

PT-Ginny Biddle, Amber Wallace, Suzanne  Sasser

Greeters-Tracey and Marc Thomas

Ushers-Casey and Larry Biddle

Lector-Allie Jeffords

Chalice-Lyn Snyder, Lydia Unsworth

Faith Time-Shawna Collins, Elizabeth Singleton

Nursery- Hannah  Collins

Acolytes-Gene Pharr (M), Lyn Snyder, Lydia Unsworth(T)

Lemonade-Fran and Ed Mahaffey

Sunday, July 09

VPOD-Mike Strite, Angie Pharr

Linens-Kathy Benson

Altar Guild-Sigrid Cork, Travis Cork, Fran Mahaffey, Jacquie Olster



7:45 – Deacon- Dawn Rider

Lector/Chalice-Cathy Strite


10:00 – Deacon –Ann Boutcher

PT-Fran and Ed Mahaffey, Emily Miller

Greeters– Fran Tuohy, Jody Sievers

Ushers-Helen and Scott Johnson

Lector-Jeff Miller

Chalice –Marie Bennett, Lauri Rinskey

Faith Time-Kitty Kenney, Taylor Harrelson

Nursery-Tracey Thomas

Acolytes-Olivia Yessen(M), Marie Bennett, Lauri Rinskey(T)

Lemonade-Suzanne Sasser

Sunday, July 16 

VPOD-Jeanne Browder, Mike Strite

Linens-Mary Gillis

Altar Guild-Jacquelyn Wiley, Eunice Roberts, Mary Gillis


7:45 – Deacon –Dawn Rider

Lector/Chalice-Scott Johnson


10:00 – Deacon – Ann Boutcher

PT-Kathy Faircloth, Pat Milley, Bob Wiley

Greeters-Helen and Scott Johnson

Ushers –Tracy Pickens, Leo Nowakowski

Lector-Nancy Mathews

Chalice –Tracey Thomas, Kay Hungerford

Faith Time-Laura Rowe, Emily Miller

Nursery- Gregory Roberts

Acolytes- Anna Grace Roberts(M), Catherine Underwood, Caroline Singleton(T)


Sunday,  July  25

VPOD-Fran Mahaffey, Jeanne Browder

Linens-Susan Roberts

Altar Guild-Jeanne Browder, Jackie Browder, Dot Silvernail, Nancy Owens, Lydia Unsworth


7:45 –Deacon-Dawn Rider

Lector/Chalice-Kathy Hamilton


10:00 – Deacon – Ann Boutcher

PT-, Sammie Jordan, Jody Sievers, Cathy Strite

Greeters – Ty and Ann Singleton

Ushers –Bill Gascoigne, Jimmy Jordan

Lector –Sammie Jordan

Chalice –Jason Harrelson, Melissa Harrelson

Faith Time-Sarah Valenzuela, Shawna Collins

Nursery-Allie Jeffords and Zack Bennett

Acolytes-Jason Harrelson(M), Taylor Harrelson, Grant Harrelson(T)

Lemonade-Joy and Willard Wadman

Sunday,  July 30

VPOD-Bob Wiley, Fran Mahaffey

Linens-Debbie Tilma

Altar Guild-Tracey Thomas, Kathy Benson, Ann Singleton


7:45 –Deacon-Dawn Rider

Lector/Chalice-Lauri Rinskey


10:00 – Deacon – Ann Boutcher

PT-Laura Rowe, Fran Mahaffey, Janie Talbert

Greeters –Kay and Phil Hungerford

Ushers –Willard Wadman, Gene Pharr

Lectors-Fran Tuohy

Chalice –Wayne Schmidt, Scott Johnson

Faith Time-Elizabeth Singleton, Kitty Kenney

Nursery-Ann Singleton

Acolytes-Andrew Roberts(M), Wayne Schmidt, Scott Johnson(T)

Lemonade-Cathy and Mike Strite

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