Community.  Deep down we all long to be in community — in community with God and in community with others.

Community is where friendships are made, fun times are enjoyed, and fellowship is experienced.  Ministry happens in community; worship happens in community. Most              importantly, discipleship happens in community with other believers, with other “disciples”.

Followers of Jesus Christ are called disciples, and they are called by Jesus to study His Word revealed in the Bible.    Discipleship and Bible study is not simply for information.  It ultimately leads to transformation as disciples of Jesus are transformed to be more like Him.

At St. Paul’s Church, we are intentional about discipleship and intentional about communities called “small groups” or “START Groups”.         We  believe  that  discipleship  and community happens best in this environment.  To this end, we have many different opportunities to engage in discipleship in a small group community setting. No one can participate in all  of  them,  but  everyone  should  prayerfully  consider  participating in one or some of them.

I pray that you will find a small group where you can engage in discipleship and grow closer to the Lord Jesus and grow closer to other disciples this Fall.  God bless you on your discipleship adventure!


Jason Collins +

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